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We Build Websites & Funnels That Convert

Schedule a call with one of our funnel expert to grow your online presence using the power of highly-optimized website funnels

Dear Online Business Owner, 

You've worked hard to create a website that reflects your vision and showcases your products and services, but you're not getting the conversions you want and truly deserve (if your product is good).

It's frustrating when you put so much time and effort into your website only to have it fall flat. Maybe you've already sunk in so much money into the development that you just have to make it work.... there is no going back!

And you know you could be doing better if only you could get more people to visit your site.

We Understand! And We Can Help:

Our team of experts has years of experience in optimizing websites for higher conversions.

We'll work with you to identify the problems holding your website back and implement solutions that get results.

You don't have anything to lose- if we don't increase your conversion rate, you don't pay us a penny!

Change the Way You Do Business Online

We are super passionate and focused on helping regular businesses grow to extra-ordinary heights using the power of conversion optimized websites, funnels and cutting edge advertising strategies for Facebook & Google Ads.

Comprehensive Report

We’ll build you a plan of action report that you can either implement yourself or have us do it for you.

Voice Chats & Support

We, as a business, believe that proper communication at all times is crucial. Call us anytime for support.

Video Reports & Implementation

We make videos content explaining things to you so that everything is 100% crystal clear & easy to implement.

Competitor Research

We will find the tactics that your competitors are using, and if you choose – implement them in your business.

Who Can Benefit From Working With StrategIQ

If you are a small online business who wants to grow a presence online using online advertising, email list building and brand value building using video ads, the StrategIQ team can help you achieve amazing results.

The only way to know if you and our business is going to be a good fit is for you to book a call – tell us what you’re struggling with and if we can help we’ll tell you what we have to offer.

We have used the same business models to grow our brand to:

→ 3 Million+ Facebook Video Views

→ 98,000 Email Subscribers

→ 12,000+ Comments and Interactions

→ 153,000 Facebook Fans

See If We're a Good Fit To Work Together

We are passionate about our work. 

Our methods stay ahead of the curve to provide engaging and user-friendly website designs to make your business stand out. 

But we don’t work with everybody; see if your business is a good fit:

Us Versus The Competition

There are many web design and optimization companies out there, but we are different. We actually have a vision statement and are passionate about helping businesses grow.

We have the experience and knowledge to get your website converting at a higher rate. Not only that, but we offer a money-back guarantee if you don't see results. So you have nothing to lose by giving us a try.

We only work with a handful of clients so you always get private one-on-one attention when you choose to work with us. 


Competition Charges You Upfront.
No Guarantees.

Expensive and time consuming.
Most companies get as many clients as possible - attention is diluted.
Upfront Charges.
Monthly Fees in Most Cases.


We Guarantee Results! 
Or You Don't Pay!

14 Years of Industry Experience
Cutting Edge PPC Techniques.
Complete one-on-one attention.
We Own 2 of The Biggest Email Traffic Sources.
Over 5,800 Happy Clients.

How To Apply To Work With Us?

Here's What You'll Get:

A clear action plan on a one-on-one call where we talk about your business.
If you like what we have, we share our plan with you.
You approve and we start working on it and get you the results we decide upon.
We continue working together for a very long time to come.

Remember, it's 100% Risk-Free

No Results? YOU DON'T PAY!

How Can We Guarantee Results?

This is all we've done for the last 14 years and we know it can be frustrating when you've invested time, money and effort into your website but it doesn't do the main thing it is supposed to do - GET YOU SALES.

We are so sure of our skills that if you don't get results - you don't pay us a penny for any of our work - it's on us.

Also, we're an application only agency so the only way we work together is if we think we can get you results. Apply today to check if we have availability.

International Phone: +1 209-813-4006 

47 12 Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi - 110060

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